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Revolutionary machine with “flexy cams” technology: a system characterized by a very high flywheel mass, large diameter bearing and shock absorber push bar, a synergy that allows this machine to constantly push any needle under the skin. Machine suitable for tracking large lines of both black and color fills with extreme speed and simplicity without tearing the skin.


Very versatile polyhedral tattoo pen. made of PA-12 carbon e aluminum, extremely resistant but at the same time very light. Very soft machine but at the same time powerful and manageable with excellent performance


Tattoo Machine

  • Material: pa-12 carbon aluminum.
  • Net weight : about 195 g.
  • Stroke: 4.8mm.
  • “Flexy cams” technology.
  • 8w motor.
  • Speed: 12,000 rpm.
  • Battery: 2000ma.
  • Use time: 5/6 hours.
  • Use range: from 3w to 11w maximum.
  • Supported cartridges: from 1 to 18 liners and from 5 to 123 magnums.

€ 700

(VAT not included)


Wireless Tattoo pen

  • Material: pa-12 carbon alluminium.
  • Net weight: about 145g.
  • Stroke: 4 mm.
  • Speed: 10v = 10.000 rpm.
  • Lenght: 135mm.
  • Battery: 1800 ma.
  • Work time: 7\8 hours.
  • Voltage range: from 4v to 10.5v max.
  • Supported cartridges: from 1 to 11 liner and from 5 to 27 magnum.

€ 600

(VAT not included)

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